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So I have finally done it! Today I requested eight months unpaid leave from my employers in Gibraltar so I can go walkabout. The general idea is a long jaunt in three stages.

Part 1 - Africa
Start in South Africa making my way north slowly, via buses trains and maybe the odd boat, to Kenya. Countries I hope to visit along the way include Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. If I am honest, Rwanda is only on the list so I can go find Gorillas. This may prove to be too expensive as the permits alone appear to run to several hundred dollars but I am sure I will find out more as the date gets closer.

Part 2 - India
Mumbai to Kolkata. Route has not been determined yet, but it could be a run via either the far northern states, or the far southern ones. Such choices, eh?

Part - 3 Thailand
The intention here is to relax. Halfway through I understand I will need to do a border run in order to extend my visa so I may take the opportunity to explore Cambodia or Laos a little.

I have found a really nice backpack made by Caribee who are based of all places in Edinburgh so I should be able to pop over there in February some time and pick it up.

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